No Compromise on Quality
We strive to ensure customer satisfaction with a number of quality management controls throughout the business from receipt of customer order to the delivery and use of the products. HH has upgraded to the recently published quality standard of ISO 9001:2015. Every parts produced here at HH go through a series of quality control inspection. Our quality control operations utilize the latest measuring equipment and procedures to effectively monitor key features as well as specified requirements of the part and process control, ensuring every component leaving our facility is up to the highest international standard.
The die casting process is very complex, which represents plenty of possibilities of failure, especially during new product introduction (NPI) phase. HH employs a structured approach of Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) to product and process design, enabling us to design a product that satisfies the customer. The elements of this standardized framework include: 
  • Control Plan- generated to each part manufactured, identifying key product characteristics and the methods for their control.
  • Process Flowchart- defines the manufacturing process and controls throughout the product realization.
  • FMEA (Process Failure Mode & Effects Analysis)- assure the prevention of defectives through the manufacturing process.
  • FAI (First Article Inspection)- a full dimensional layout is performed to verify mold design and part print compliance in the pre-production phase.
  • First-Piece Inspection- at the start of each production run.
  • In-Process Inspection (SPC)- Variable and Attribute Control Charting during the production run.
  • Last-Piece Inspection/final audit- random sampling of each part ready to ship for compliance of key characteristics. 
Measuring Equipment
Description Accuracy Quantity Remark/Range
Coordinated Measurement Machine
±0.003mm 2 X:700mm; Y:700mm Z:700mm
Spectrometer 1
Roughness Tester Rz/Ra/Rmax 2 SET
Projection Comparator 1
Micrometer (Inside Diameter) ±0.001mm 2 6-18mmX1
Micrometer (Outside Diameter) ±0.001mm 6 0-25mmX3
Air Leakage Testing Up to 140psi(10kgf/cm2)