• Precision: The process is more precise than manual machining and able to achieve accuracy within 1/1000th to ensure consistent product quality.
  • Uniformity: The process can be repeated in exactly the same manner over and over again to achieve consistency. Each part is a perfect match to the prototype’s exact specifications.
  • Efficiency: Once the design parameters and specification are entered into a machine, the process is automated therefore increasing speed and quality of manufacturing.
  • Less Labor: CNC machining requires fewer operators since one skilled operator can run several machines at one time. What you save on manpower can be passed along to customers, helping you achieve a competitive advantage.
  • Lower Costs: The collective result of high speed, efficiency, precision, reduced labor costs, and reduced material waste all add up to a better bottom line for your business.
  • Safety: Using CNC machines are much safer than conventional-manual machines as the operators work at a distance from a guard or even a closed, transparent safety door.