Research and development

HUI HWA continuously strives to explore new technology in response to new and changing needs in the world. We have specialized in the development of our die casting method not only for producing higher quality product with a competitive price but also for creating more environmental friendly production process.

We have cooperated with the government to create the better way of operation. In recent years, we have developed one major technique for improving our operation:

• Semi solid Rheo-forming technology

Semi-solid Rheo-forming technology of aluminum-alloy components processes a ball-shaping treatment of raw materials via a special method, and then processing and forming are operated under a coherent condition of solid and liquid phase. Compare with other die casting process, there are several competitive advantage of this technology as following:

Forming Method
Cycle time
18 (kg/mm2)
23 (kg/mm2)
< 2%
40 sec
Semi-Solid Rheo-Forming
25 (kg/mm2)
33 (kg/mm2)
> 6%
> 95%
75 (T6)
50 sec

• Pore-Free Die casting process
Pore-Free Die casting process (P.F DC).Before ejecting Aluminum Liquid, Fill the Oxygen in the cavity to replace the air .When casting,there will be a reactant of Oxygen and Metal to replace porosity(97%).Parts casted of this process is excellent in air-tightness.

Research and development